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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 25,2018

If you’re like other dentists in and around the greater Toronto area, you rely on your technology more than ever before. It’s required to effectively run your office, schedule visits, and provide the best possible care for your patients. 

Dentist IT Services

Just as you advise your patients to use preventive services like visiting the hygienist regularly, your technology also requires preventive care. This is why you need a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to provide the preventive maintenance and monitoring today’s technology requires.  But, as you know, you need one with an expertise in Dental IT.

What Does A Managed Services Provider With Dental Expertise Do?

They can act as your technology and practice management partner. They’ll maintain, diagnose, repair, design, and implement your dental and office technology. The right IT Partner will build a plan that meets your unique requirements. Not a cookie-cutter approach, but a customized, comprehensive IT roadmap that takes all of your operations into account.

You’ll benefit from things like:

  • Proactive IT Management and Remote Monitoring
  • Live Help Desk Support
  • IT and Email Security that protects your data and PHI
  • Backup and Disaster-Recovery Solutions
  • IT Vulnerability Assessments
  • PIPEDA Compliance Support
  • All-Inclusive IT Management and Maintenance for a fixed fee
  • Mobile Device Management, and more

Your Dental IT MSP will remove the vulnerabilities in your tech processes, applications, and hardware to keep hackers and computer viruses out. They can also deploy remote software and hardware-based network security services to provide for your complete information security.

Some of the things you might not realize are that in addition to the list above, and 24/7 Help Desk and remote monitoring of your IT, a Managed Services Provider like Tektonic with expertise in Dental IT offers:

  • Integration of your Dental Technology Software with your IT Infrastructure
  • Electronic Appointment Scheduling Software and Management
  • Cloud Services & Consulting to save you money on technologies that enable real-time collaboration for your team
  • Virtual CIO Services to grow your practice

When used correctly, technology will streamline your dental service operations and help to improve patient care. This is why dental practices like yours need an MSP who understands the technologies you use.

How Do Your Help Desk Services Work?

With a busy practice and patients who depend on you for fast, effective service, you deserve the same from your Help Desk Services. You’ll have 24/7 Live Support and speedy service from IT professionals who are experienced in the dental software and technology you use.

What About Our Data Backups?

As you know, PIPEDA requires that dental practices like yours must ensure retrievable, exact copies of electronic PHI. If not, you may face costly infractions and fines that can ruin your reputation. Your PHI must be encrypted, stored securely, and backed up with a reliable enterprise cloud-based data-backup solution. You’ll have all of this, and more so you know that your data is always secure and quickly recoverable.

How Will Cloud Consulting Help Us?

Using the Cloud is easy with the right training and advice. However, migrating your data safely to the Cloud can be difficult. You need Cloud Consulting Services for this. Cloud computing will increase your productivity, efficiency, mobility, and security. And, it can add to your IT security and your business continuity while saving you both money and time.

A Cloud Consultant will ensure you use the right cloud solutions based on your operational goals.  With products like Microsoft Office 365, you can affordably use the programs you already depend on (like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), and do this easily from anywhere you and your staff have Internet connection.

The Cloud offers the ability to use new solutions without costly investments. You pay for services on a monthly basis depending on how many of your employees use these services. You and your authorized employees can share, view, and edit files in real time without the worry about size limitations or data security.

The right cloud solutions make it easy for you to transfer and archive your large dental images, files, and documents. All you need to do is upload them, and they’ll be instantly available to your authorized users on both their workstations and mobile devices. A Cloud Consultant will ensure you have access to the right cloud solutions for your needs.

What About Email and IT Security?

When an employee accidentally clicks on a link in a phishing email, they let viruses into your IT system or malware that can hold your data hostage. When your patients find out that their confidential information was stolen, your reputation could be ruined. Your dental practice could be hit with severe penalties and lawsuits. A Dental IT MSP will ensure your emails are kept private, both when in storage and transmission. This includes what you send and receive using mobile devices.

You can stop worrying about your IT Security with 24/7 remote monitoring that detects intrusions like computer viruses and eliminates them often before you even know that they’re there. Your Wi-Fi security will be assured as well, so your guest Wi-Fi and practice Wi-Fi remain separate, reliable, and private.

Plus, your Dental IT MSP can conduct Security Awareness Training for your employees so they won’t click on those malicious links.

What Are Vulnerability Assessments?

Just like your patients have check-ups once or twice a year to check on their dental health, your technology requires security checkups.  Vulnerability Assessments make sure that all of your technology is secure and compliant with PIPEDA requirements. They detect and close security holes in your computers, network, dental technologies, or communications.

Can You Ensure Our PCI Compliance As Well?

To securely process your patients’ cardholder information, your practice must meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. This means that you also must retain an audit-trail history. With PCI-Compliance Audits you’ll have the peace of mind that your system meets these standards.

There’s so much more a Managed Service Provider can do for you.  Just be sure that you use one with experience and knowledge about technology for dental practices.

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