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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 11,2014

If you have a business or have just started a new business venture, you must have spent a decent amount of your startup capital on purchasing computers for your staff. These systems are without a doubt, your business’ major assets, as all work which is done on a regular basis is carried out in these computers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to service them at least one a month, to keep them in proper working condition. However, contacting a local computer repairman will not be advised, as along with charging a high service fee, they might also pack up your computers to take to their workstations for servicing, which will take up a lot of time and delay your work.

Thus, to avoid these unnecessary delays and expenses, it is better to contact a professional managed IT services agency. A company dedicated to providing IT services to small and medium sized business will know what all components of your computers need servicing and when. However, in case you do not know which parts of your computers need servicing frequently, we have mentioned a few of them which are the most vital components that would need maintenance from time to time.


The name given for this component is central processing unit for a reason. It is literally the brain of the computer without which there is no computer. This main component performs calculations and processes all data which is fed into it and even stores data. So, if there is any malfunction with this main unit then no work be done on the computer. A managed IT services provider will give you all the necessary hardware services needed to fix any CPU issues.


The motherboard is basically the glue that holds all the other computer components together. It is connected to all the components in order to make them function together as one. After regular use, your motherboard might start malfunctioning, in which case, you need to contact your IT services agent to come and replace it with a new one.

3.Power Supply:

The power supply unit gives electrical supply to the entire computer, which allows it to function normally. The main function of this component, is to make sure that the computer receives the right amount of energy to work properly for as long as required.


The RAM is responsible for making the entire computer perform at the optimum level. Therefore, the larger a computers RAM capacity, the faster it will function.

5.Hard Disk:

You hard disk stores all of your programs and software’s that are installed on the computer. It is also used to store all those work-related files and documents which are used by your business on a daily basis. A managed IT services provider will help you maintain this component and install software’s and anti-viruses to prevent it from getting damaged or corrupted.

If your business is a small startup, then you would not give your employees laptops for official use. There are also certain computer brands which offer entire computer systems at cheaper rate, especially if bought in bulk. Therefore, it would make more sense to buy PC’s. And since your employees will be majorly using these PC’s for all business-related tasks it will benefit you in the long run, if you hire a dedicated IT services company to come and service these systems and components at least once a month.

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