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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 7,2015

Fun is often misconstrued in the workplace and identified as being unproductive, or even lazy at times. However, more businesses than ever before are embracing the power of fun and letting the creative juices flow. Using game-like elements to achieve your business’s goals, or to improve operations, is called gamification, and you can take advantage of it.

Take a Risk with Gamification

When it comes to motivation, nothing gets the blood boiling like a good competition. By transforming a goal into a game, you can give employees more motivation to reach for greater heights. Employee training and project completion can be made more entertaining and competitive with a little touch of gamification. You can even use gamification when marketing to your customers. It can help your customers engage with your business in a new and improved way.

Acquire Motivation Using Gaming Tactics

Gamification is much more practical than you might think. Businesses that take advantage of it might not literally deal cards to customers or pay employees with Monopoly money. Instead, they might use tactics like reward points. Another gamification example is credit card companies rewarding customers with points for spending money. These points can be used for a whole slew of bonuses, like frequent flyer miles. Motivating with rewards is a powerful gamification tactic that helps
drive sales.

Guess Who? Assembling Your Gamification Team

As you might expect, gamification requires some thinking that might not be the norm around the office. When it’s successful, gamification focuses on using a person’s desire for fun to drive competition and productivity. Thus, you don’t want someone who’s a straight-faced, by-the-book personality handling the gamification procedure. Instead, look for an employee internally who’s capable of rallying others and has proven that they are great at improving employee morale. With your employees enjoying new gamification practices, you can count on both your company culture and productivity improving.

The Game of Life and Technology

Just like how there are many different kinds of video games available on today’s market, there are a ton of gamification solutions available for your organization’s technology. Some of these can even be installed on your business’s website, or utilized over your network in order to track performance. The end result is the timely completion of projects based off of healthy competition.

Gamification Helps Technology Users Get a Clue

It seems like everything is getting turned into a game these days. Some software manufacturers are even making a game out of teaching users how to use their software. For example, Adobe’s LevelUp onboarding program is designed to teach you the basics with certain assignments, which are then rewarded with badges and points. The purpose of these fun exercises is to show people that new technology doesn’t necessarily have to be intimidating.

Be UNO in Sales!
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In order to take advantage of the vast benefits that gamification can provide for your business, consider ways in which you can incorporate it into your operations. Think of your favorite game and what makes it so attractive. Is there a way to bring elements of this game to your business strategy? If you have some great new ideas, we’re all ears; let us know in the comments.

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