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Who Provides Technology Solutions To Toronto’s Financial Services Industry?

Financial services companies have unique IT needs. At Tektonic, we understand those needs and will work to create an IT services plan that’s right for you.

Where can Toronto’s financial service firms turn for high-quality IT services?

If you’re starting a financial services company or if you’ve been in business for years, you know that a business like yours requires you to wear many hats. One minute you’re the human resources director; the next minute you are the chief financial officer while trying to devote most of your time developing new clients and financial opportunities. It’s too much to ask for you to be your company’s IT department also. That’s where Tektonic can help. We offer a diverse array of IT services, tailored for financial services companies like yours.

IT services for Canadian financial services companies

We realize that your business is unique from other financial services companies. That’s why we make it our priority to sit down and learn about the dreams, plans and hopes you have for your company. We do that before we even think about suggesting an IT management plan. Once we understand your needs, we carefully construct a plan specifically for your company. We don’t make you pay for any services that don’t apply to your business. Just a few of the many IT services we provide include…

  • Strategic IT Planning. We like to think of this as being your chief information officer. If you’re a start-up company, we want to set you up for success. If you’re a well-established firm, we want to put the systems in place that will allow you to grow seamlessly and without having to stop and revise your systems.
  • Cloud services. We provide secure and safe cloud storage, which allows you to free up space that would otherwise house your servers. Cloud storage also gives all of your authorized employees the ability to access your company files and data from any device with Internet access. This type of platform also lets you take advantage of additional savings by using cloud-based protocols like VoIP or Office 365.
  • Wireless networking. Financial companies have unique data security needs. After all, you are dealing with sensitive financial information for your clients. , including orthodontists have special data security needs. We will set up, maintain and periodically update your wireless network so that you and your authorized employees can get to the files you need without leaving your client’s banking and credit card information open to hackers.
  • Hardware and software recommendation and sales. You’re the expert when it comes to investment opportunities and the financial markets. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in all things tech also. At Tektonic, we cheerfully listen to your company’s IT needs and recommend the computer products–both hardware and software–that will be meet those needs. You can even save time and money by purchasing these items directly from us and having them installed by your tech team.
  • Computer support. We understand that even a few seconds of downtime can be disastrous when the markets are open. We’ll give you a dedicated team to call when you or your staff are having difficulties with your system or any of your peripherals. We are skilled at troubleshooting computer systems remotely and can help you get back online quickly should you have a system issue.
  • Cybersecurity. Keeping your clients’ personal and financial information private is something we know you take seriously, and so do we. We can set up firewalls, encryption and other tools that will make sure your business and client information is secure and resistant to hackers. We will also regularly upgrade your anti-virus software, monitor your system for any threats or unauthorized access, and set up your network so that it’s virtually impossible for unauthorized persons to log into your system. We want to give you that peace of mind.

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To learn more about how we can help your financial services company operate more securely and efficiently with quality IT services in the Toronto area, visit Tektonic today or contact us at https://www.tek-help.com. We’ve been helping Ontario companies like yours with their IT needs for more than 20 years.

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