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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 12,2014

Lots of business rely heavily on the use of internet to carry out tasks or even keep a track of their competitors. Especially businesses which come under the fields of Online Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing or even Website Designing, will definitely need to use the internet on a regular basis. However, the internet being a vast resource, plays host to a range of dangerous threats, which attack computer hard drives or even business networks at the slightest opportunity.

If you are a business owner with a company that is mostly internet-based, then getting protection for your computers and networks from online threats must be one of your highest priorities. You must be well aware of the vile online viruses that are cleverly planted by hackers or spammers in emails. Avoiding these threats is simple once you have a strong anti-virus installed through your managed IT services provider. These software’s are adept in locating files containing virus elements and will take actions to delete them completely from your computer system.

However, viruses are no longer present just in emails. Sometimes by opening a random site, even by mistake, the virus planted on that site will get a chance to infect your PC’s and network. Many of the potent viruses like Trojans and Worms corrupt and even erase thousands of files all at once. Image what would happen if they were to access the files on your business network? The destruction would be catastrophic. And all this would happen just because some employee accessed an infected website by mistake.

What’s the solution to this? Well, Content Filtering software of course. This software was mostly installed in personal computers of households, by cautious parents who would want to control what content their kids could access online. Being a business owner, you can also use it to your advantage. You can get the right kind of work from your employees with this software as they won’t be tempted to access the social media profiles while at work. This will enable them to solely focus on work related tasks and not on using your company’s internet resources for their personal use.

You can even make use of the technical staff from your managed IT services provider to install the software on your networks and then block all those malicious sites. Using this software you can instruct them to block certain type of sites, which you feel may distract your employees. Also by using the filters, those websites that are suspicious and have viruses will be completely blocked and denied access to your networks.

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