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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON November 1,2013

In the midst of Apple releasing one hot product after another, it’s easy to lose sight of what Apple’s doing on the software side of things, like the October release of OS X Mavericks. Apple’s new OS is loaded with great features, and the best part is that Apple has made their new OS available as a free download!

Here are seven upgrades to OS X Mavericks that will improve how you use your favorite Apple device.

Longer Battery Charges
Every Apple device user is constantly looking for ways to adjust their settings so they can get extra minutes out of a single charge. With OS X Mavericks, just the installation of the new OS will give your device up to one additional full hour of charge time when browsing the Internet, and up to 90 extra minutes when enjoying media from iTunes.

Improved Notifications
Apple has also improved Notifications to make it easier to navigate to iMessages. No longer do you have to close the current app you’re using in order to check your notifications because iMessages is now integrated with Safari and your favorite websites.

iCloud Keychain
Previously, the best practice for managing all of your different passwords from your different accounts was to take advantage of a third party solution like LastPass or RoboForm. OS X Mavericks includes a new password management tool called iCloud Keychain that uses a robust 256-bit AES encryption to keep your sensitive data secure.

If you love to use your Apple mobile device to read the latest books, then you will love the new iBooks integration from OS X Mavericks that lets you pick up reading your digital book on your desktop from where you left off on your device. iBooks achieves this by automatically syncing all of your downloaded material with OS X every time you launch the app.

OS X Mavericks gives Safari a new look that includes a sidebar on the left side of the screen for viewing social media updates like links posted by your Twitter followers. This is a convenient way to stay on top of your social media by doing things from the sidebar like retweeting content without leaving the website you’re on. Additionally, there’s the power-saving upgrade to Safari that uses significantly less energy when browsing the web.

With OS X Mavericks, Apple has finally included tabs in the Finder window. This is a feature that other web browsers have used for a while now, so it should feel natural using the new tabs in OS X if you have used other operating systems. The new Finder window allows you to have one window open while simultaneously having tabs open belonging to documents, downloads, and other apps, making navigation easier.

Apple used to have displays categorized as “primary” and “secondary,” making it so users would have to manage their displays. Apple OS X Mavericks treats all displays equally by including a menu bar for all displays. This is done by using a Dock, which can be viewed on whatever display you’re currently working on.

Did we mention that Apple’s new OS is free? You can download it for yourself, as well as check out all the other new features and upgrades that accompany OS X by going to Apple’s website. Are you impressed with Apple’s new OS X? Or do you believe that Windows 8.1 is a superior product? Or are there any Linux enthusiast in the house? Let us know your loyalties in the comments.

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