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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 13,2013

Voice over Internet Protocol is proving to be a popular alternative to traditional phone systems. Many businesses making the switch and discovering major savings compared to their long distance phone bills. We are seeing many businesses switching to VoIP and experiencing saving while discovering new communication features that will enhance their professional image.

VoIP is known for its robust features. One of the clearest advantages of a VoIP plan is that it comes with dozens of features that traditional phone companies charge extra for. The reason that VoIP is able to deliver more features for less is because VoIP use your Internet connection (instead of the standard PSTN phone lines); and as you have likely already discovered, the Internet is a marvelous tool that provides your business with several free-to-inexpensive communication solutions, like instant messaging, e-mail, social media, and now VoIP! Here are three VoIP features that will give your company a big business impression.

Take Every Phone Call with VoIP
One characteristic that defines a large company is that when you call them, you know that someone will answer the phone. Small companies may struggle with this seemingly simple task due to personnel being stretched every which way but their desk. To remedy this problem, VoIP has a feature called “Find Me, Follow Me” that will track down the person trying to be reached.

FMFM, aka Call Hunting, works by having VoIP sequentially call all of your phone numbers until someone picks up. A caller who is calling you at the office will first be sent to your desk, if nobody answers, then the call is transferred to your cellphone. If you miss the cellphone call, the phone will next ring at your home or wherever else you have VoIP programmed to try and locate you. All the while, the caller is unaware that they are being transferred from phone to phone.

Conferencing with Unified Communications
In the past, it seemed like only large companies were able to take advantage of phone conference calls. With VoIP, audio and video conferencing is a feature that comes standard, allowing your small to medium-sized company to give off a big business conference call impression. You don’t have to occupy multiple offices to find call and video conferencing useful, even employees working from across town or from home will benefit from VoIP conferencing.

More than conferencing, VoIP also adds unified communication solutions to your conference calls, making it so that you can simultaneously use several VoIP features while in a conference call. With unified communications solutions from VoIP, meeting participants will be able to share one another’s desktops, exchange files, sync calendars, and more. All of these different communication options are available to your meeting by VoIP, which will make it seem like geography is no longer a barrier.

Have VoIP Direct Phone Traffic
As an SMB, you would love to have a receptionist, but this may not be in your budget. VoIP can provide your business the next best thing with the auto attendant feature. Many large companies use auto attendant; it’s a great way to have every caller greeted. Auto attendant works by answering calls with a prerecorded message, the call is then automatically directed to the department trying to be reached–even if by “department,” you really mean “your desk.” You can even program auto attendant to play music or tell callers more about your company while the call is being directed.

VoIP can save your business money while giving customers a professional impression; all while communicating to them that your company is big enough to handle their needs. To learn more about VoIP, give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928.

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