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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON January 2,2018

Then, we have good news! Tektonic Managed Services can help you straighten out all the issues you may be having. Our dental IT support covers any problem that may be occurring with your dental office software. Whether you use DEXIS, ABELdent, or any other dental practice software to help you render the best patient care possible, Tektonic has the dental software solutions for any dentist in Mississauga and the greater Toronto area.

What Kind of Dental Software Solutions Are You Seeking?

  • DEXIS Not Booting Up?
  • ABELdent not functioning properly?
  • Need help with Dentrix or SoftDent platforms?

Not to worry, our dental practice software solutions are just the thing to get you back up and running at full speed.

After all, you can’t afford even fifteen minutes with a main dental software program down for the count. Your patients are depending on you — and, that’s why you can depend on us as your dental IT specialists in Mississauga Ontario and the entire Toronto metro area.

Here’s a summary of an actual exchange we had recently with a new client — a dentist in Mississauga who sought us out for help managing his dental software:

In short, this dentist was having problems with DEXIS and ABELdent, the two main dental software programs his office is running. Ben, one of our representatives, was on top of it, and got to the heart of his problems in quick time.

This dentist in Mississauga Ontario informed Ben that “Sometimes DEXIS doesn’t open, and sometimes we have to reboot the system. Also, we can’t open ABELdent.”

And then Ben asked what city he was in and how quickly he needed the problem resolved.

“I would like you to fix it ASAP” came the reply from the dentist, along with details like cost, and that he was a new client. Ben then arranged for the Tektonic dental IT services team to call this dentist back immediately and get on the job of completely restoring his dental software with custom, client-tailored Dental IT Services in Mississauga ON that include:

  • Complete Network Security that keeps your IT infrastructure safe from emerging security threats.
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring & Maintenance that proactively detects and resolves IT issues before they negatively impact your productivity.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support that’s always on call to answer any of your IT-related questions and concerns.
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery that implements backup and redundancy practices to ensure your dental office never loses essential data, and much more.

And, voila, we have a new dentist-client who has been happy working with us from the get-go, and is currently at a level of “peak satisfaction”.

So, why do we bring such devotion to absolute client satisfaction by going the extra ten miles when so many dental IT services firms are happy to go with the bare minimum to get them by?

Because, we know you need to make sure that your dental technology is improving your staff’s productivity, enhancing the efficiency of your daily tasks, and increasing the security of your patient’s confidential records. We also know you need the best dental IT services in Toronto you can get.

That’s why we’re here for you, and go as deep as we do to ensure your satisfaction.

You also need to remain compliant with the continuously changing requirements for healthcare providers. Our dental software management solutions and dental IT services in Mississauga and Toronto ON cover you there, too (and keep you there).

After all, it can be a real challenge to meet compliance regulations while concurrently ensuring your patients receive quality care, but Tektonic has the dental IT “tonic” to keep you at the top of your game.

Our team of experts will implement all the right dental technology best practices and medical IT solutions to ensure your dental office complies with requirements and keeps your patients smiling from ear to ear.

We have the powerful dental IT solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff and your daily operations, and get it all done for less than you would expect, keeping your IT services costs surprisingly affordable and streamlined.

Get the Toronto Dental IT Solutions You Need to Meet Optimum Efficiency Goals

Don’t waste your time struggling with dental practice software problems that sacrifice top patient care and attention and throw off your most optimum efficiency.

Instead, ensure your dental office’s compliance and prevent IT problems before they start with our dental IT consulting in the Greater Toronto Area.

Find out why our clients across the Greater Toronto Area trust us to deliver the standard IT services and dental IT solutions they can always count on!

For more information about our highly-effective dental IT services in Mississauga and Toronto ON, call us today at (416) 256-9928 or email us at sales@tek-help.com to get started.

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