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Does Your Toronto Area Dentist Office Have Reliable Backups?

Are you concerned with losing important information about your business and patients? Robust backup and recovery processes are especially important for dental practices.  

Here’s How to Find the Backup and Recovery Support You Need

Are you concerned with losing important information about your business and patients? Robust backup and recovery processes are especially important for dental practices.  

Are you confident that the sensitive information stored with your dental practice is fully secure in the event of a cybersecurity attack or business outage? Missing even a few days worth of patient information could have a dramatic impact on your practice, causing technicians and office staff alike to scramble to bring systems back online and service the needs of patients. Without secure data backup and recovery processes in place at all times, your dental practice is gambling that you won’t be the target of a hacker — a pretty significant risk for any business when you consider that 43% of cyberattacks are targeted to businesses. These suggestions will help you understand the backup and recovery landscape and find the resources that you need to help protect the high-value data that is stored by your practice.

Safeguard Your Critical Patient Data

Your dental practice is home to potentially millions of dollars of assets that you may not be adequately protecting: patient data, health information and financial details of past transactions. You would never consider leaving the physical doors to your building open due to the expensive equipment that you have stored at your location. For the same reason, it’s vital that you fully protect your patient data by creating a robust backup and disaster recovery process for your practice. It only takes a moment to lose a significant amount of sensitive data about your practice and patients. If you have a backup and disaster recovery process in place, your team will be able to immediately put your plans into action and your operations back online swiftly.

Defining Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Dental Practices

It can take months or even years to fully remediate all of the issues that are caused by a data outage or loss, not to mention the damage that is done to your reputation in the Etobicoke community. Putting data backup plans in place is an important part of your compliance, as protected health information must be retrievable at all times. Your patients put a great deal of trust in your facility, and part of that entails knowing that you will be able to adequately protect their health information and maintain consistent records. Finding the right backup and recovery solutions partner requires looking for an organization that already has experience working with other dental practices. It’s important that your dental IT services partner is able to help guide your team through answering the various questions that will help define the precise solution that you need for your dental practice.

Finding Training and Support for Your Teams

Your team is often the first line of defense when it comes to data recovery practices as well as cybersecurity protection. There are potentially thousands of ways that hackers can attempt to infiltrate your business and exfiltrate a significant amount of patient data. Understanding your liability as well as the risks that are associated with data loss from disaster or cyberattack starts with finding a partner who has the knowledge of your specific business systems and compliance requirements, with technical professionals who are well-versed in the unique needs of dental practices.

Creating a robust backup and recovery process for your practice data and patient information is a vital aspect of healthy dental practices in Etobicoke. Your patients depend on you to support their needs — and that includes knowing that their sensitive personal, health and financial information is being securely managed and that their dental records are always available when they are needed. See how the technical professionals at Tektonic help Toronto-area businesses by providing trusted and secure IT solutions. Request your free initial consultation by calling 416-256-9928 today or by filling out our easy online form for more information.

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