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4 Reasons Why Your Dental Office Needs the Latest Technology

The core of your business is supported by technology, making it one of the most important investments in your future growth. Don’t let your tech fall behind the competition.

Keeping your dental clinic up to date takes more than staying on top of staff training — your technology is the cornerstone of your business. Everything from the expedited process of taking and examining X-rays to patient record management hinges on having a solid infrastructure for your business, and that means holding your IT support team to a high standard of excellence. From wiring to networking, here are 4 reasons your dental office needs the latest technology to provide an exceptional experience for your patients.

1. Technology Provides a Competitive Advantage

Like it or not, patients can be swayed by the dental office that has the latest and greatest customer-facing technology. However, this level of sophistication isn’t accomplished overnight — or without the correct infrastructure. Even the wiring of your building may need to be updated to handle the greater speed required by today’s advanced dental technology. Your patients depend on you to provide the most comprehensive diagnostics and proactive dental care possible, and the solutions available on the market are increasingly effective and efficient.

2. Improving the Patient Experience

Your patients are active consumers of dental care, and they know that they have other options available for their healthcare dollars. Dentistry is highly competitive in many towns, and the patient experience is something that requires a great deal of care and consideration. The experience that your patients have begins with your website and continues through the end of your billing cycle. Healthcare consumers have little patience for repetitive work, especially if they feel as though you should already know the answers to specific questions. Paper forms are not only an outdated workflow, but they imply to your patients that your office’s professional workings may be behind as well. Leveraging technology to smooth out any rough spots in your patient experience will help differentiate your office from others in the Greater Toronto Area.

3. Boost Efficiency with Paperless Processes

You already know that your patients will appreciate not having to fill out their information in triplicate each time they visit your office, but what about the gains you’ll see in the back office? Routing “paperwork” digitally decreases the possibility of billing errors and increases the speed at which your office is able to function. That means you’ll be experiencing fewer payment delays as your insurance requests are submitted more rapidly and patient billing goes out on time — every time. Improved cash flow and less-stressed staff are other positive side-effects of utilizing technology to optimize your workflow.

4. Cool New Gadgets (or Required Technology?)

Up-and-coming technology could be considered by some to simply be the latest gadget, but there are several of these advances that are proving extremely useful for dental offices. One of the most important options is 3D printing, which allows dental offices to print custom resin appliances for patients much more quickly than they could be delivered in the past. Taking impressions and shipping the mold out to be created is something patients are used to. If your office is suddenly able to provide 3D-printed dental solutions such as crowns and dentures, you’re not only taking advantage of the “Wow!” factor but also providing a quick-turn solution that your patients will appreciate.

Perhaps one of the most important uses of technology is one that is shared across dental offices and healthcare providers alike: the privacy and security of patient information. Your dental IT solutions team can help ensure that your business remains compliant with any government regulations and offer proactive protection of your data and business systems with a robust backup and data recovery solution set. Get started with your free initial consultation today by calling the professionals at Tektonic Managed IT Services today at 416-256-9928 or fill out our quick online request form for more information.

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