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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 19,2020

When Your Business Depends On Your Data, Datto Has Your Back

Running a business is much like being a tightrope walker, walking the proverbial thin line while carrying a long balancing pole with weights on each end to give you equalized stability. For businesses, these weights represent every area you need to consider: staffing, customers, overhead, and everything that impacts your budget. But what has the greatest impact on your bottom line?

All of these areas involve data:

  • Staffing: hiring, insurance and benefits, and payroll details
  • Customers: orders, payments, and customer service are just a few of these related issues
  • Overhead: mortgage or rent/leasing contracts and payments, utilities, furniture, and all your operational costs

That last bullet really could mention countless other items, including infrastructure costs and technology needs. Your technology keeps your business running – there’s no other way to say it. Everyone relies on your technology from an operational standpoint. Without technology, you lose the ability to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate. Your hardware and software need to run as smoothly as possible or you could experience “kinks” that cause delays that add up and impact your overall efficiency and productivity. What happens if you don’t focus as much on keeping your technology up to date?

A local legal firm recently learned this lesson the hard way, but with a happy ending. Outdated hardware with an unsupported operating system malfunctioned – a nice way of saying it just died – and resuscitation was not an option. Basically, everything on the server was lost.

Except that the firm partnered with a managed IT services provider (MSP) and took advantage of Datto Instant Virtualization, which takes a back-up of an entire IT system at regular intervals. Relying on cloud services and the data back-up, the firm was able to use a virtual machine for over a week until the new hardware was in place, everything was loaded and the server was running. The overall impact to business operations was roughly 1 hour of downtime.

By comparison, without Datto, the outcome would have been the complete opposite. Even with a data back-up, the process of ordering the hardware, loading everything from scratch including software and applications, and restoring data from back-ups would take a week on average. Plus, in an IT environment where a business hasn’t upgraded hardware or software, there are added delays from the process. For example, running an operating system that was no longer supported would mean having to perform multiple upgrades first before loading data back-ups.

If a business is solely depending on Windows for data back-up, the experience would have been different. The server would have been unrecoverable, with greater downtime, considerable data loss, and a major impact on operations.

Datto and Your Data

In this case, Datto Instant Virtualization was the ultimate safety net, enabling the IT system to be virtualized in a secure environment and the business to operate with a “business as usual” outlook.

Confidently protect your data and partner with an MSP to have a Business Continuity plan using Datto and know that your data – and your business – are protected from technology interruptions.

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