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In Datto and Intronis, you have two viable prospects for reliable BDR (backup and disaster recovery) technology. We’ve done a brief Datto vs. Intronis product comparison, and will let you decide for yourself which platform better suits you and your business networking and data recovery needs. Or, contact us for further clarity on the matter.

Datto vs. Intronis: An Initial Comparison

How do Datto and Intronis compare to one another? Datto represents a modern evolution in data protection, redundancy protection, and recovery. Their unique two-layer approach advances the benefits and capabilities of business continuity light years from the days of backup tapes. Old, traditional file-by-file copying often lost relational data links.

Instead, Datto’s approach uses system imaging. This difference maps all the data relationships that exist at every virtual and transport level. Doing so increases the accuracy of the backup copy and it improves the recovery time needed to restore a drive from the backup resources made. The Datto approach also boosts flexibility of accessing and starting the data platform on virtual servers as well.

Intronis: A Closer Look

From the Intronis.com site:

“Intronis helps IT service providers streamline management of both local and offsite backups for physical and virtual machines. Because we do not force you to lease or purchase our appliance, our solution provides a much more affordable baseline cloud backup and recovery solution while providing support for a variety of business clients’ needs.

To accommodate more robust backup needs, we allow you select any local appliance or storage system that works best for you and your clients. With Intronis ECHOplatform, you can offer a range of services, from simple file and folder backups to more sophisticated IT services to protect complete physical server images, application environments, and virtual server environments.”

Tektonic Hosted Cloud Solutions

Whatever your BDR hardware choices, we help companies utilize cloud servers and technology, and help them assign such technology’s role in their business life and operations. Whether you choose Intronis or Datto cloud solutions, we’ll be there to help establish the cloud computing strategies that will best mitigate your businesses data backup issues.

From e-mail to communications, to a full-scale hosted infrastructure, our cloud solutions present companies of all sizes with long-term data management benefits they can take to the bank.

Ready to get started with reliable hosted cloud solutions?

We can begin the process of handling your Datto support right away! Give a Tektonic Managed Services agent a call at (416) 256-9928 or email us via the secure contact form and we can answer any further questions you may have regarding BDR technology, Datto vs Intronis, and getting the only Datto solutions in Toronto your organization will ever need!

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Date: June 13th, 2017, Author: Jorge Rojas