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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 4,2017

Right here! Tektonic has all the data backup and recovery solutions business owners need, including a wealth of Datto tools and technology that are designed to take their business ventures to new heights of prosperity in the Web-connected workplace. We’re your headquarters for reliable Datto support in Toronto that won’t fail you.

What kinds of Datto backup and data recovery tools are you experts in?

The Datto backup and disaster recovery (BDR) tools for businesses we specialize in include ALTO and SIRIS as well as SIRIS Virtual, among other Datto solutions. And, we provide winning Datto solutions in Toronto for organizations who are seeking enterprise-level tech support that truly supports their data backup and disaster recovery planning and success!

Can your Datto cloud-based data backup solutions keep us free from ransomware attacks?

Tektonic, via the technology of Datto is defeating ransomware in a big way; its BDR tools protect your critical data from malicious cyberattacks. Unwitting errors, grudge-bearing ex-employees, and cyberattacks are all covered by Datto backup technology like Datto SIRIS and ALTO. Datto BDR hardware allows you to instantly restore accounts and data so you can continue with business as usual through any crisis.

What kind of Datto support solutions can we expect with Tektonic?

With Tektonic, you get Datto support that includes:

  1. Comprehensive ALTO and SIRIS tech support.
  2. Competitive SIRIS 2 and SIRIS 3
  3. Business-friendly Datto service guarantees.
  4. Hardware replacement or upgrades where needed.
  5. The most responsive Datto tech support specialists in Toronto.

Can you give us a better understanding of how the Datto technology works?

Sure! Datto’s Instant Virtualization technology virtualizes systems either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in a Datto secure cloud — within seconds. It also allows a protected IT system to be virtualized and hosted either locally on a Datto BDR appliance (SIRIS), or remotely in the secure Datto SIRIS or Datto ALTO cloud in mere seconds.

This presents network administrators with some of the most formidable data storage, management, and recovery solutions in the world of IT services!

How can we best determine if Tektonic can provide us the right level of Datto support?

We highly encourage you to meet with our Datto tech support team, which will help you establish long-term, highly-effective business continuity planning strategies that will take your productivity and prosperity to higher levels!

How do we get started with your Datto support solutions?

It’s easy! Just give us a call at (416) 256-9928 or email us via secure contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP on how you can get started with the only Datto support in Toronto ON you’ll ever need!

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