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How to Find the Best Datto Support in Toronto

The time to start your disaster recovery planning is long before an incident occurs. See how savvy business leaders are leveraging Datto to protect their business.

How to Find the Best Datto Support in Toronto

Creating an enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery process doesn’t have to be out of reach for organizations of any size. Cloud-based tools by leading technology suppliers allow businesses to tap into the high-quality solutions that previously were reserved for larger corporations at only a fraction of the price. While there is a wealth of information available online regarding disaster recovery and business continuity, perhaps the biggest challenge is finding a trusted partner to help you vet and implement the solutions that are a fit for your business. Here are a few tips on finding the best Datto support in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Do You Need Backup or Business Continuity Support — or Both?

Understanding the needs of your business is the first step in ensuring that you get the support that you need. If you don’t have a cloud-based or hybrid cloud backup process, that may be the first step towards getting your business ready to survive a cyberattack or other incident. Once your backup procedures are well-defined and implemented, creating a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery strategy helps ensure that your business will be better equipped to rebuild. Be sure your potential partners are willing to meet your organization where you currently are, and not attempting to leapfrog you forward towards technology that will be too much of a culture shock for your organization.

Does Your IT Support Partner Understand Business Continuity?

True business continuity strategies provide a comprehensive manual that shows you how to restart your business in the event of a catastrophic incident. This could include everything from a fire, flood or major ice storm to a cybersecurity event — but the result is the same. When your staff members are unable to get into the office, your telephony may be compromised and unworkable, your business systems unavailable and your customers may be unable to load your website. Your selected IT services partner should be able to confidently walk you through various scenarios and dive into how to bring your business back online — fast.

Is Your IT Support Partner Certified?

Datto is one of several major software vendors that offers a variety of training and certification options for individuals who wish to continue their education. Finding a support partner who has taken the time to complete their certification doesn’t guarantee that they will be a fit for your business, but it does indicate an ongoing effort and focus on learning more about the ever-changing world of business security, cloud-based or hybrid backups and data security procedures.

Is Your Datto Support Partner Able to Scale?

There may be many Datto support partners able to support your business at its current size, but what happens when you scale? With solutions as critical at those by Datto, it’s vital that you find a partner who understands the growth trajectory of your business and commits to providing an exceptional level of long-term support. This requires you to find a partner that has enough support and engineering professionals available to shift to support your business in a disaster event.

Finding products and solutions for your business can feel overwhelming but achievable, especially when your IT services partner comes alongside to help define the sophisticated solutions needed to protect today’s businesses. Find out how Tektonic Managed Services professionals can help you outline the ideal strategy and provide Datto implementation assistance or ongoing support. Contact us today at 416-256-9928 or chat online with our friendly support agents to receive a quick call back.

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