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Is There An IT Company in Woodbridge That Can Help With Data Cabling?

Is your Woodbridge manufacturing company looking for data cabling installation or other services? Click here to learn how Tektonic Managed Services can help!

Is Your Manufacturing Company Looking for Data Cabling Services in Woodbridge, ON?

These days, IT companies in Toronto often focus on the “invisible” aspects of technology: New software, better cloud storage, and improved cybersecurity. But when it comes to the actual physical framework of your technology — the cables and wiring — few experts are left.

At Tektonic, we can install, fix, replace, or rewire your business’ data cabling. We understand that whether your manufacturing company deals in signs and graphics, plastics, food products, or other goods, you need your cabling in perfect order for peak daily operation.

Why Is Proper Data Cabling in WoodbridgeON So Important?

Data, voice, Ethernet, and network cabling (or wiring) are all names for a term we call structured cabling. Your business’ structured cabling connects everything — including modems and routers, computers, printers and copiers, cameras and scanners, phones and phone networks, and much more. It is by far the most crucial element of your business’ data and voice network. Everything you do technology-wise (which, for more manufacturing businesses is everything) relies on this network of cables and wires.

As such, proper installation, maintenance, and care of your data cabling is absolutely essential. Naturally, each cable serves a purpose and must be installed correctly for your devices and programs to function. But when something goes wrong with your hardware or software, it’s also imperative that the data cabling is carefully organized and structured so that the problem can be identified and rectified quickly and efficiently by tech experts.

What Are the Benefits of Structured Cabling for Your Business?

Structured cabling is actually a newer term. As more and more businesses in Woodbridge move into the “technological new age” with faster networks, better computers and servers, and other improvements, the old way of cabling — point-to-point cabling — is being left behind. And for good reason!

Point-to-point cabling also transports data through the cables in your network, but this infrastructure has a number of flaws that have since been weeded out by structured cabling.

For one thing, point-to-point cabling requires a tremendous amount of cables and wires running through your workspace. We’re talking thousands of cords! This is because the point-to-point method has each and every one of your individual IT components connected to other components singularly.

Not only does this put a strain on your business’ IT resources, but it also invites connection problems and truly complicates the troubleshooting process when something does go awry. The structured cabling system that we’re experts in here at Tektonic makes things much easier.

With the structured system, local cabling panels can be installed at various points in your workspace. All of these local panels are connected to one central connection point — your communication backbone. When you need to hook a new component into the network, you simply connect to a local cabling panel, and you’re good to go.

Financial Benefits of Structured Cabling for Your Woodbridge Manufacturing Business

Having a structured cabling system can take your business to the next level and is a great choice for growing and expanding companies in the Woodbridge and Greater Toronto area.

Most importantly, structured cabling truly pays for itself. When you adjust your cabling from point-to-point to structured, it’s true that there will be a cost associated with this sprawling installation. But as your company grows, you’ll only be delaying the inevitable, and that installation cost will only increase.

Moreover, when you do have a problem with some aspect of your cables or your entire network and you still have point-to-point cabling, you’ll be paying much more for repairs than you would if you simply installed a structured system now. It’s a better decision to do the installation as soon as possible and hit the ground running.

What Industries Does Tektonic Serve in Woodbridge?

At Tektonic, we specialize in data cabling and a number of other IT services. We serve businesses in a multitude of industries all around the Greater Toronto area. Some of the industries we primarily service include:

  • Manufacturing businesses, including sign and graphics companies
  • Non-profit organizations and local charities and associations
  • Dental offices
  • Financial institutions
  • Law firms
  • Small to mid-size businesses

Tektonic is proud to provide a number of services to our clients in addition to data cabling services.

  • Managed IT Services: Allow us to take over complete monitoring of your security, software, hardware, and other tech needs.
  • Office 365: Leverage the amazing benefits of this Microsoft package and improve data output and analysis, organization, collaboration, mobile work strategies, and much more!
  • Cloud Management: Take your business to the cloud! Keep important information and data securely stored in the cloud for complete mobile access, safer backups and security, and optimal business continuity.

Contact Tektonic Managed Services Today!

As your Woodbridge manufacturing business continues to grow and thrive, it’s essential to get your data and network cabling in order. If you’re still on a point-to-point system, it’s likely you’re going to run into issues with connectivity and incompatible cabling as your business grows. Installing a structured cabling system now can save you a tremendous amount of strife and unnecessary costs down the line — not to mention saving you a lot of downtime from avoiding huge catastrophes with old cabling.

But Tektonic is here to help you with whatever aspect of data cabling services you need! So, whether it’s your entire network that requires rewiring or just one Ethernet connection you need to be rerouted, Tektonic is here for you. We’re happy to offer you a complimentary assessment of your Woodbridge business’ cabling needs.

Give us a call today at (416) 256-9928 or email us at sales@tek-help.com to learn more!

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