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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 21,2013

A strong business strategy is not complete without a carefully thought out plan of action in the event of a disaster. Putting a system in place to back up your digital data should be at the top of the list in that action plan. After all, if you lose your company’s data in an accident, your business will suffer. Here are four facts to consider when thinking about protecting your company’s data.

Every Year, 6% of All Computers Lose Their Data
It doesn’t take a disaster for your company to lose data. Even a small malfunction, like a single defective hard drive, will cost your company both time and money. Six percent may not be an intimidating figure for you right now, but as time goes by, and your workstations get older, your chance of losing company data will significantly increase. Your business can not afford not to regularly backup your data.

34% of Companies Who Backup Their Data Do Not Test It
Unfortunately, regularly backing up your data will not be enough for your backup system to succeed. If you go through the work of putting a backup system in place, you’ll want to take the extra step to make sure it will actually do its job in a pinch. Three out of four businesses that actually test their backup systems find that they fail. You’ll need to regularly test your backup system to find and fix any failures that may occur in the event of an emergency.

A Company That Is Out for 10 Days in Lieu of a Natural Disaster, Won’t Last Another Year
Most data loss occurs via relatively minor accidents like a short-term power outage, an employee accidentally deleting important information, or catching a virus or malware in your system. But how would your company stand up against something more serious, like a major natural disaster? The most recent example would be Hurricane Sandy. Sandy devastated and overwhelmed many businesses on the east coast, leaving some without power for up to two weeks. Many of these businesses were totally unprepared for such an event, and suffered drastically because of it. If you haven’t already, your company will need to come up with a plan to maintain operation in the event of a major disaster, and you’ll need a way to access your data.

3-in-4 Tape Backup Systems Fail
Some of you may already have a great system in place, but the tools that you are depending on are unreliable and outdated. Backing your data up with tape has been a frequently used system in the past, but it’s being replaced by a more sturdy cloud-based solution called a Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Tektonic can implement this BDR for your business. We’ll put the system in place and regularly test it to insure that your data is accessible when you are in a bind. To learn more about how a sturdy BDR system can save your company from suffering data loss and ensure a healthy recovery, call Tektonic at (416) 256-9928.

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