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6 Things To Know About Dark Web Scanning: Questions & Answers

Businesses are signing up for Dark Web Scanning because they’re concerned that their data is being stolen and sold by criminals on the Dark Web.

6 Things To Know About Dark Web Scanning

Businesses are signing up for Dark Web Scanning because they’re concerned that their data is being stolen and sold by criminals on the Dark Web. Many didn’t find out about their data being taken until a cybercriminal broke into their bank account or used their credit card. If they had signed up for Dark Web Scanning, they might have prevented this.

Here are 6 things you should know about Dark Web Scanning.

1. What Is The Dark Web?

It is a secret internet society that’s growing so quickly that the authorities can’t even keep up with it. You can’t access it with search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The Dark Web is only accessible to a select group of criminals.

These criminals use special software to hide their identities – software that isn’t available to us, or the authorities. This is one reason why the Dark Web is so dangerous.

Many think that lone criminals trade information on the Dark Web. It’s much bigger than this. The Dark Web comprises 93% of the Internet.

The Dark Web is like “Oceans 11.” It’s a place where organized crime operates. They have experts in every area and interact and rely on each other to steal data, sell it and use it. These are illegal and worldwide corporate enterprises that are making hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

2. What Do Criminals Do With Data On The Dark Web?


  • Share their successes, exploits, strategies, techniques and tactics.
  • Take stolen data and sell it.
  • Transfer corporate data and proprietary information.
  • Work in teams to execute cyberattacks on businesses and government entities.

3. What Is Dark Web Scanning?


  • Searches the Dark Web 24/7 to determine if your confidential data is there.
  • Finds cyber threats that expose stolen business accounts, email addresses, patient information, and other confidential data.
  • Uses both human and artificial intelligence to scan criminal operations in chat rooms, blogs, forums, private networks and other sites.
  • Collects the vital intelligence needed to determine if your data exists on the Dark Web.
  • Locates any of your compromised credentials or information before criminals can use it for profit or other crimes.
  • Detects data dumps within the black markets on the Dark Web that have anything to do with your organization.
  • Does all of this in real time.

4. What Will Dark Web Scanning Find?

  • Credit card data
  • Confidential data from unsecured file transfers
  • Leaked data from employees (intentional or not)
  • Compromised accounts
  • Your customers’ data that’s being sold
  • Stolen financial data
  • Stolen PayPal and other account credentials
  • Trademark and copyright infringements
  • And more.

5. What Do Dark Web Scanning Services Include?

You’ll receive initial and ongoing scanning, with continuous monitoring and alerts if anything relating to your business is found.

6. What Should We Do If Our Data Is Found In A Dark Web Scan?

You will be advised to invalidate it immediately. This means changing your account numbers, email addresses, passwords and anything related to the stolen data.

Data breaches require both a strong and immediate response from your organization. If required, you will have to notify the authorities and any of your customers whose data was stolen. So, the sooner you implement Dark Web Scanning, the better.

Do you have other questions about the Dark Web and our Scanning Services? We’ll be happy to tell you more. Tektonic can help your business in the GTA stay out of the reach of cybercriminals. Contact us to learn more.

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