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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON April 30,2014

In high school, there were always the rebellious kids who never wanted to do what their teachers said. They would vandalize the bathroom stalls, walk around the halls without permission, skip classes, and make the school an overall unpleasant environment. The teachers eventually decided that enough was enough, and they banned certain privileges that the students had. Bathroom breaks became timed. Hall monitors stalked the halls looking for troublemakers. Our liberty was stolen by these hooligans.

The same thing happens to us now as adults. The Internet is our playground and hackers are the destructive kids who vandalize it. It is because of them that we can’t have nice things, and we live in fear behind antivirus software and firewalls. Why would hackers want to ruin everything for everyone else on the Internet? Maybe they just want to bully others. Perhaps they like to take advantage of others, or maybe they simply want to ruin the privileges everyone is given. Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that we can’t surf the web without dealing with these brats.

Observing the Hacker in its Natural Habitat
Unfortunately, hackers are at home on the Internet, just like the playground being a popular site for bullies. The kids who follow the rules get punished because of the actions of some poor, misled teens. All we want to do is enjoy the Internet and all it offers – entertainment, enrichment, and education. Hackers ruin this all of this. We can’t study with the ruffians in the hallways making a racket. We can’t learn anything in class because the punks in the back row won’t stop chattering to each other. We can’t even have fun without them ruining it for us. Thanks, guys. Now we have to stay inside for recess instead of enjoying the beautiful weather.

Imagine how ideal a world without hackers (and bullies, for that matter) would be. Every week the number of threats increases as new viruses and malware are released into the world. We can’t surf the web safely without an antivirus of sorts, and it frustrates everyone. Hackers are ruining the web for everyone, and they don’t care as long as they get their greasy hands on your personal data.

Rebel against the Rebels
Those punks ruined high school for you and robbed you of the experience. There was nothing you could do about it. There needed to be order in the school, and the teachers wouldn’t listen to a word you said, even if it was rational. They were blind with rage toward the rebellious teenagers. But not anymore. Here are some tools your company can use to protect yourself:

  • Unified Threat Management System
  • Content Blocking
  • Enterprise-level antivirus
  • Hosted or On-Premise Firewalls
  • Wifi Security
  • BYOD Policies
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Proactive IT Management

Now, you have a secret weapon against the cyber punks hacking the Internet. With the Internet security solutions, that Tektonic can provide, you can fully enjoy the playground of the Internet to your heart’s content. Call us today us at (416) 256-9928 and we’ll show you that you can have nice things!

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