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Customer Support Trends 2020

Customer support needs are always changing. Learn about expected customer support trends in 2020 so you can prepare accordingly.  

2020 Customer Support Tips

Customer support needs are always changing. Learn about expected customer support trends in 2020 so you can prepare accordingly.  

Customer support needs and best practices are always evolving. As a new year begins, companies across all industries, including law, are wondering how they can best serve customers in the coming months. Below are some of the customer support trends anticipated for 2020.

1. Clients will expect support in real-time.

In 2020, your clients will expect to be able to access the support they need as soon as they need it. If a client cannot connect with someone who can help, the client is likely to look for a competitor who is more responsive. For this reason, it is important for law firms to have customer support resources available for clients at all times. If you won’t have anyone in the office available to respond to calls on holiday, weekends and overnight, consider investing in an answering service.

2. Clients expect a customized experience.

Your clients want to feel like you know them personally and care about their lives. Thus, in 2020, a surge in customized client support services is expected. Each client has unique needs, and your customer service protocols should take these needs into account. Any emails your clients receive should be personalized, and their calls should always be directed to the appropriate party as quickly as possible. Generic responses to client queries are no longer enough.

3. Clients want to use mobile.

Clients not only expect to be able to connect with a representative from your firm quickly, but they also want to be able to connect from any location. In 2020, industries of all types are expected to see an increase in the demand for mobile-friendly customer support options. If your law firm has not already invested in mobile, now is the time to make your move. Your law firm’s website should be mobile-friendly, and you may even benefit from creating a mobile application for your clients.

4. Clients expect an active social media presence.

Another trend you can expect to see in 2020 is an increase in the desire for social media interaction and customer support. If you are not already using your social media profiles to facilitate better customer support, consider making this a priority for your firm. For example, many law firms find that they are able to enjoy better conversion rates when potential clients can contact them directly via Facebook chat and receive a quick response.

All of the customer support trends discussed above have one thing in common: they rely on technology to function properly. In order to optimize the effectiveness of your law firm’s customer support in 2020, investing in IT is crucial. If you are not already working with a reputable IT firm, partnering with a qualified company is the perfect way to start the new year.

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