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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON June 8,2015

Do you need a WiFi signal? If you’ve got a PC with a wireless card, then you’ve got what it takes to download Connectify and turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot. These days, with everyone being so dependent on WiFi, having an additional WiFi hotspot can come in handy.

There are many ways that having a virtual router can provide you with more flexibility for getting work done. Here a few ways that Connectify can be of assistance:

  • Extend your WiFi signal. For scenarios where your PC is located several rooms away from your wireless router, Connectify can be used as a WiFi Repeater to turn your PC into a wireless router. This will extend your WiFi signal to places beyond the reach of your network’s wireless router, like perhaps to the parking lot of your office building–or beyond!
  • Gain a wireless router that’s truly wireless. It’s often the case that wireless routers broadcast WiFi signals while remaining wired to an outlet. Having a virtual router on a wireless device like a laptop allows you to broadcast a WiFi signal while on the move. This works much the same way as using your smartphone as a mobile hotspot, except, you will relay a free WiFi signal instead of broadcasting expensive data from your device’s mobile carrier.
  • Connect multiple devices to your virtual router. In this way, a virtual router can function just like a normal router. A virtual router will provide you with much flexibility to connect several of your devices to the Internet, like your smartphone, tablet, media player, e-reader, and laptop, as well as the devices of others.
  • Save money when traveling. While on business trips, you might have been inconvenienced by places like hotels that charge travelers extra for each device that they connect to a WiFi network. What’s a techie with a utility belt full of gadgets to do? If just one of your devices, like your laptop, has a virtual router like Connectify, then you’re all set and won’t have to pay the hotel any extra money to connect your extra devices.

A tool like Connectify offers all of these features for free. If you want to access even more helpful features from Connectify, then you can upgrade to their PRO and MAX plans for a minimal fee. To learn more about Connectify, check out their promotional video:

To get started with the free version of Connectify, download the software here: www.connectify.me/download-lite/

With helpful WiFi tools like Connectify, you can do much more with your WiFi signal than what you may have previously thought. Have you used a virtual router like Connectify before? Do you know of any other solutions that can help you boost your WiFi signal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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