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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 21,2014

Whether small or big, every company requires IT support.  These days, we largely rely on the technology and any issues in the technical department affect the whole office. However, if you have an efficient IT service provider, all your IT issues will be solved without wasting any time. Furthermore, such service provider offers a wide range of services right from stopping spam emails to taking backup of your crucial business data.

IT support is a broad term which includes several services. Here is a list of a few of these services:

  • Virtual CIO: Several companies offering IT Support Services in Toronto also offers virtual CIO to small and medium scale businesses. A virtual CIO works as an outsourced chief information officer who works in the best interest of your IT department. You can gain advantage of the expertise and knowledge of virtual CIO and develop a comprehensive IT plan that will help you to achieve the IT goals of your company.
  • Network Care: Firewall security and network access protection plays a very crucial role when it comes to protecting your business network inside and out. These services avert spyware, malware, worms and such threats from entering your network. Such security and protection services prevent workstation downtime and slowness by locking down your network behind a Firewall.
  • Remote Desktop Services: A trustworthy IT support company in Toronto offers fast and reliable IT support for your user, along with proactive remote desktop management and maintenance services. Generally, these services offer day to day preventive maintenance, remote access, and a bundled Anti-Virus package. You can empower your staff and improve their productivity by giving them direct access to unlimited remote desktop support.
  • Help Desk Services: Whether major or minor, IT Services Company in Toronto offers effective solutions for all your IT issues. Many companies offer flat-rate desktop management platform that resolves the IT issue without increasing your IT budget.
  • Mobile office: Doing business is a 24/7 commitment that compels you to stay connected with the business all the time.Managed IT Services Company offers smartphone support that lets you check email, keep track of contacts, and sync your schedule.  With mobile device management solutions, you never lose your hold on the business even if you are out of town for a business meet or holidays.
  •  Web filtering and firewall: Unsafe web content is one of the biggest threats for any organization. You can block inappropriate website content and save huge time of your employees and improve their productivity. You can also get enterprise-level firewall for a fraction of the cost from companies offering IT services in Toronto. Even if you deal with the end users, you can install hardware firewalls that offer comprehensible security without any interaction with your end-users.
  • Outsourcing your IT: A company, which has a limited budget, can take the advantage of outsourcing their IT departments and keep IT cost under control. Outsourcing gives you benefits of state-of-the-art technology without making any huge investment. Furthermore, you save a lot as you don’t have to maintain in-house IT staff and pay them salaries.
  • Spam Protection: Spam emails can damage the data that is stored in your system and make it inaccessible. For any organization, data is the most crucial aspect. Even a single spam mail can erase all valuable information such as clients’ details, invoices, financial data, and so on. Moreover, there are also chances that you get phishing emails that increase the likelihoods of being a victim of identity theft. You can avoid this risk by simply installing junk email filter.

There are several IT support services which not only solve IT issues, but also empower you with the latest technology so that you can perform more efficiently and earn more profit. So, find a reputed and experienced IT Support provider in Toronto now!

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