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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON November 28,2012

Taking a managed service approach with your IT is a proactive way to keep your technology infrastructure running optimally. Unlike the traditional approach of reacting with a fix every time equipment breaks, which is hard on both your hardware and your bottom line, proactive managed IT services makes your life easier. Wouldn’t it be nice if every service in your life was managed?Managed Service for Your Car
Let’s start by looking at a big piece of technology that you use every day, your vehicle. At the end of the work day you drive home, park your car, and go inside to wind down and get some shuteye. While you are sleeping, a professional pit crew shows up and services your car. The crew tops off your tank and engine fluids, details the car inside and out, rotates your tires, and performs an extensive inspection. Think about how amazing your car would run if this was a nightly routine!

Managed IT service from Tektonic works like a pit crew for your IT infrastructure; every night we will update your software, perform disk cleanups, delete temporary files, check your network with proven best practices, and much more. This means every morning when you log into your workstation, you know your PC will be running smoothly and not break down while you are working on an important project.

Managed Service for Your Health
How cool would it be to have your health be a managed service? You wake up and have a personal doctor that checks your blood pressure, treats any ailments, like sore muscles and mysterious new bumps, and pumps you full of the vitamins that you are deficient in.

Later, your personal trainer gets you out of your chair to go for a jog, followed by your nutritionist serving you a healthy balanced meal.  As long as you are okay with doing laps and eating your greens every day, you’d be in a very efficient state of wellness.

This is the kind of computer health care service Tektonic offers your network with security monitoring. We will monitor your network for every known security threat, like malware, spyware, rootkit viruses, etc., and we will keep your antivirus software updated. If your network is ever showing signs of poor health, we can metaphorically ask your computer systems to, “Turn your head and cough,” by remotely taking care of an issue.

Managed Service for Your Home
Another way the managed service concept can benefit your life is when it comes time to remodel your home. Essentially, it’s like having a contractor as a part of your family to manage everything for you. You tell one professional what you envision your new edition to look, and they will coordinate the permits, the framers, the electricians, the plumbers, and whatever other contractors are needed to complete your project in the most efficient way possible. A general contractor allows you to focus on your daily routine and come home to a finished project.

One of the IT services Tektonic offers is managing your technology vendors. Like a general contractor works with other contractors to complete a project, Tektonic will coordinate a fix with your copy machine vendor when it breaks. We will also get your internet providers moving when your internet is down; basically, if there is a technology vendor responsible to fix a hardware, software, or IT service problem, we will coordinate a the fix for you. This will free up time on your end so that you can come to work with all of your technology in working order.

Life would be pretty sweet if everything had a managed service provider. Although having a personal pit crew, physician, and general contractor would become extremely pricey in just a short period of time. Managed IT service from Tektonic offers affordable service packages that can save your staff from downtime and keep your equipment running optimally. Call us at (416) 256-9928, and let us create a managed IT service package that will fit the specific needs of your business.

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