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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 1,2014

Those days are long gone when you used to send letters and telegrams to your business associates, that contained certain important information about a business deal, or to inform them about their upcoming payments. Any business transaction in today’s age cannot take place without the use of internet, as it has become a vital part of the business infrastructure. And now, with the introduction of cloud computing solutions to store and save business files, the usage of internet is gaining more relevance in the modern business scenario.

With these cloud IT solutions available through the internet, all your important business affiliated documents like payments, receipts, and employee records or business transactions can be stored online. Thus, you don’t have to invest in a separate portable hard disk or use different pen drives to store all of your files in order to keep a backup of them. These devices, although efficient in their own way, cannot guarantee the safety of your precious business files. If even small malware or internet virus elements manage to enter these devices, the entire disk will get corrupted rendering it completely useless, not to mention that your files will be unattainable.

Therefore, many software and hardware service providers have introduced their cloud computing services as it a new way in which businesses can keep a backup of their files, without the hassles of manually transferring them to any portable memory device. There are also a few of these available for free, which you can easily download from the internet and use in your business like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. These free tools are the perfect option available for you to keep a backup of all your files, if you have a business. All these internet storage tools have their own security programs with which your files will always be stored in a safe place and free from hacking and virus attacks.

However, if you want to use these services, you need to contact a good internet services provider in your locality, to provide you with the best high-speed internet packages. With a fast internet service, there will always be a free flow of files from your office to that of your clients without any delay. Plus, you will get immediate access to those files without wasting time in waiting for them to download. So now, there will not be any delay in sending of files to your client or receiving of orders from them, which was usually an issue with traditional forms of written communication.

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