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3 Critical Benefits Cloud Services Provide Toronto Law Firms

Cloud services offer several critical benefits for Toronto law firms, including enhanced security, improved flexibility, and lower costs. Here’s how it works.  

Why Toronto Law Firms Need Cloud Services

Cloud services offer several critical benefits for Toronto law firms, including enhanced security, improved flexibility, and lower costs. Here’s how it works.  

Cloud services are quickly becoming popular among Toronto law firms, and for good reason. Moving your physical infrastructure to the cloud offers a variety of important benefits, including these three critical advantages below:

1. Data Protection is Stronger on the Cloud

Law firms deal almost exclusively with confidential data. If somebody was able to breach your systems and access it, the costs could be catastrophic. The data costs for Canadian data breaches continues to rise, with the average cost to a company at over $6 million as of a recent study.

This is critical because cloud services actually tend to be more secure. A survey of various T professionals at medium and large companies found that the majority believed cloud computing lead to enhanced security. This is for a variety of reasons. First, cloud services are monitored constantly. The central management of cloud computing ensures that it is kept updated at all times. Finally, security measures on the cloud tend to be more complex, proactive, and multi-faceted, providing a more effective overall solution.

2. Costs Tend to be Lower on the Cloud

Perhaps the flashiest benefit of cloud computing is that it can actually save your law firm money. Consider that the Government of Canada has made the adoption of cloud computing throughout its departments a critical strategy over the past several years, in no small part because of the cost savings. According to their website, cloud computing is expected to result in significant savings due to the fact that cloud computing is on-demand and only what is used needs to be paid for. In other words, you don’t need to pay for an expensive infrastructure where key features, storage space, and computing power are left unused.

You’ll also be able to benefit from the fact that other companies are using the same cloud services. Economies of scale will drive down everyone’s costs as more clients use the same cloud services. This also provides you a great deal of flexibility. You can scale up and down very quickly, which is extremely difficult when you’re dealing with physical computing services.

3. Employees Enjoy Greater Flexibility

In 2020 and beyond, remote work is key for all employees. Your team of lawyers very well may need to pull a case up at home to work on late at night. Or perhaps their clients have an important question on a Saturday. In Canada, remote work is now the norm. About half of all employees in Canada work outside of their main office most of the time. This allows them to remain productive when traveling and offers the flexibility of getting work done on their own terms.

As a law firm, full-time remote work is probably not feasible in the near future. However, leveraging cloud services to empower your employees with greater flexibility is a benefit to both your firm and your team of lawyers.

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It’s clear that investing in cloud services allows your Toronto law firm to improve security, lower costs, and enjoy greater flexibility. The key is finding an experienced, reliable team that has experience working with similar law offices in the Toronto area.

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