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Toronto Promotional Products Business Reaches Out To Tektonic For Cloud Data Sharing Support

Recently, a small promotional products company in Toronto contacted Tektonic. The business was having issues with its servers and was looking to add more cloud-based technology and functionality.

Recently, a small promotional products company in Toronto contacted Tektonic. The business was having issues with its servers and was looking to add more cloud-based technology and functionality.

Given all that cloud-based services offer to companies, it’s a smart move. Cloud sharing allows for better access to information, improved collaboration among employees and enhanced services to your company’s customers.

Why Explore Cloud Data Sharing?

The small company that contacted Tektonic had an urgent issue. An employee had applied a Windows operating system upgrade to one of its servers. After the server rebooted, the employees could not connect to the device.

Such an issue can grind a business to a stop. Without the ability to access or store data, many employees in your business would not be able to do their jobs. Even a short delay can cause existing customers to desert your business and deter potential customers from becoming paying customers.

That’s why so many companies in the Toronto area turn to cloud data sharing.

The company that contacted us faced additional challenges with their current technology configuration. Only two employees could access the server at the same time. The business knew it needed a change, shifting to technology where all users could save their files to the server and access them.

The business leader also wondered about email hosting and Microsoft Office 365 options.

What Is Cloud Data Sharing?

Cloud data sharing is a solution offered by managed service providers like Tektonic. Data is stored offsite in the cloud — a collection of servers that can hold your data and applications. Data is kept in and backed up to multiple servers, allowing for redundancy and recovery as needed.

What Are the Major Benefits of Cloud Data Sharing?

When you invest in a cloud-based data storage solution, you gain more functionality and opportunity. Here are a few of the major advantages:

  • Cost Savings. With cloud data sharing services, you save money in several ways. First, you’re annual operating costs will be lower. Most cloud data sharing plans are based on a predictable monthly rate. You’ll also eliminate the space needed for an on-premises data center and the utility costs necessary to keep those areas powered and cooled. You also will not have to pay for additional servers as your data needs increase or user base grows. You also will not have to pay for the maintenance and upgrades necessary when managing your own technology.
  • Flexibility. Get access to your data whether you’re in the office, working from home or out of the office on a sales call. Cloud solutions let you access information from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection at any time and on any device. Your employers, partners and freelancers can access information whether in a corporate office or a coffee shop.
  • Scalability. When your company finds itself needing more data storage capacity, it’s an easy fix. Additional capacity can be accessed quickly. You’ll no longer have to scramble to purchase, install and configure new servers. If your data needs decrease, you won’t be stuck with excess server capacity. With cloud data hosting, you pay only for the space you need.
  • Ease of Use. New technologies sometimes can intimidate employees. Cloud data storage technologies are user-friendly. For example, employees can drag and drop files into the cloud storage solution. The stored files can be accessed as easily as they are on a computer desktop or an internal shared network folder.
  • Collaboration. With cloud data storage, your employees can access, employees can access, edit and share files simultaneously. Employees working in different locations can connect, share ideas and interact with each other simply, reliably and securely.
  • Automation. Data backups on internal servers can slow down systems and erode productivity. The time-consuming processes occupy staff time to manage and monitor. With cloud data storage, you can automate your backups and choose which data you want to back up and how frequently backups are generated.
  • Synchronization. Local file storage solutions limit access to those devices connected to your business systems on the company premises. Cloud data storage lets you synchronize data no matter where you’re working or what device you’re using. Tracking different versions of documents sent to different users over email is no longer an issue. Access those files directly and see edits and comments tracked for all users.
  • Convenience. Data management can be a daunting task, especially if managing information on mobile devices or on external hard drives or flash drives. Files uploaded to the cloud are automatically saved with no manual intervention needed.
  • Data viability. Data loss can be devastating for a business. Data loss is far less of an issue with automated backups that keep your information accessible and available.

How Does Cloud Data Sharing Protect Our Information?

Cyberattacks run rampant today, stealing information or holding websites and company systems hostage with ransomware. Cloud data sharing is the ideal countermeasure to these attacks.

Cybersecurity in the cloud includes continual monitoring using digital and physical security, preventing unwanted access. Cloud IT services also ensure that your applications are updated and patched automatically to ensure applications, systems and data remain safe.

Disaster recovery plans help to get your data, software apps and systems back up in running with as little downtime as possible. In the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack, these security tools are invaluable.

What Applications Can Be Stored in the Cloud?

Countless applications can be stored in the cloud. One of the most popular is Microsoft Office 365, the cloud-based version of the popular Office applications. With Office 365, you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook just as you would with a desktop version.

At Tektonic, we provide companies with cloud services that provide secure data storage and access, automated backups and business continuity and data recovery. We can convert your users to Microsoft Office 365 and provide the support to maximize the return on your investment. To learn more about Tektonic cloud services, contact us today.

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