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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON February 1,2013

It can be unsettling to know that there is a detailed profile about yourself floating around the internet. Your online profile can be shockingly thorough and is constantly being exchanged by internet data collecting companies for various purposes. If you are uncomfortable with this scenario, then let us recommend an app called DeleteMe that will cover your internet tracks.

DeleteMe is a service that allows you to view your online profile and remove it from selected internet databases. Even if you do not mind your personal information being exchanged like a one dollar bill at a flea market, it is still worth it check out DeleteMe so that you can see if your online profile is correct. This is because if your virtual information is ever mixed up and you are misrepresented, then this will lead to major headaches in real life.

Your online profile is used by many different companies for a variety of reasons. Sometimes your online profile is considered by internet marketing groups to determine what advertisements to place in front of you. Your virtual profile will also influence your important financial records like your credit score and whether or not you will qualify for a loan. Your online profile may even factor into other areas of your life like how much you pay for insurance, and whether or not you get the job that you are applying for. In fact, many colleges recognize the importance of a student’s online profile and will use a service like DeleteMe to tidy up a graduates profile in order to help them land a job.

Like a swimsuit that is one size too small, your online profile may reveal certain parts of yourself that will make you feel uncomfortable. Your online profile contains sensitive information like your net worth, your home address, where you work, the names of your family, and even your religious and political affiliations. Your online profile also includes your internet browsing habits, like what websites you have visited, what items you have shopped for, and even what blog articles you have read.

DeleteMe has a mobile app and a web service that will remove your profile from the databases of these various online data collecting companies. The DeleteMeMobile app is available for iOS and will allow you to view your profile and remove your information from one company’s database for free. If you wish to have DeleteMe track down and delete all of your online profile entries, then you can sign up for a three month DeleteMeMobile subscription for $24.99. You can also sign up for DeleteMe’s web service with a 1 year subscription starting at $129.

A service like DeleteMe illustrates how important your identity is in today’s digital age. Your online profile in the wrong hands can lead to identity theft. This can have major consequences like a depleted bank account or even a $99 cappuccino machine fraudulently purchased in your name. Tektonic can offer you and your business several solutions that will help to keep you and your customer’s identities safe. For example, our UTM solution will strengthen your network’s firewall to protect your company from hackers that use malware in an attempt to steal your identity.

Call Tektonic at (416) 256-9928 and be sure to ask us about the best practices for browsing the internet that will prevent online data collecting companies from tracking your every click. These days, the internet can be a very revealing place, let Tektonic help you to cover your online tracks.

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