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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 23,2014

These days, we cannot imagine any business running without using the Internet. Right from making business expansion plans, to maintaining connections with the existing customers, any major functioning of a business cannot be completed without using the Internet. However, every coin has two sides. Likewise, along with the numerous benefits, the Internet possesses some serious threats, as well.

There are several types of spyware, malware and viruses which can enter in your IT infrastructure through the Internet. These threats can steal your important business data, make it inaccessible, and can even make you a victim of the identity theft. You can minimize the risks, which can be raised because of using the Internet, and at the same time, enjoy the utmost benefits of this extremely useful invention. All you have to do is hiring an efficient IT support provider for network access protection and network management services.

A company, which offers firewall security in Toronto, adds several layers of security in your IT infrastructure. The company first evaluates your existing infrastructure, finds the loopholes in your security program and suggests you the best solution that will ensure the utmost security of your infrastructure.

An unsecured network can raise several serious concerns for the business such as data theft, crashing the software, vanishing crucial data and so on. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for any business, whether small, medium or large scale, to ensure the safety of their network.

If you are looking for network security in Toronto, choose the IT service provider that offers comprehensive services such as virus protection, firewall protection, content filtering and network protection. Look for a customizable package that will take care of all your specific requirements and keep you from paying for the services, which your business does not require.

Viruses are one of the biggest threats these days for any businesses’ IT infrastructure. Virus can slow down your system, crash your entire infrastructure and even result in data loss. Antivirus protection reduces the risk of such incidents. Similarly, firewall security and network protection services reduce the downtime and save your valuable time. These days, downtime of even a few minutes can cause huge loss to the company. Firewall security considerably reduces the downtime by locking down your network behind a Firewall.

Opt for an IT support company which offers enterprise-level features for a small-business price. Such packages give you true value for money without exceeding your budget. Workstation-based software firewalls drastically slow down your end-users’ computers.  Instead, hardware firewalls offer comprehensible security without any interaction with your end-users.

You can also block inappropriate content and websites from entering in your network. Maintain a decent workplace environment by blocking adult websites and such content with content filtering services. It will not only keep irrelevant and useless content out of your infrastructure, but also save important time of the employees and end users.

Companies also offer flexible content filters solutions that can be set up with customized policies. These policies will keep your employees focused, and avoid distraction with the sites that might keep them from doing their job. A well designed content filtering policy also ensures that staff and end users can easily access necessary websites and useful content whenever they want, without irritating permission requesting messages.

There are a few parameters which will help you to choose the best network monitoring and service provider. Look for a provider which offers 24x7x365 network monitoring, security, and maintenance, content filtering and blacklisting, managed & monitored firewall solutions, malware protection, managed antivirus protection, and flexible packages to match your specific requirements.

These services will protect your network from harmful viruses and malware, take care of antivirus License Management, and protect your business against external network attacks. These services will also block unwanted and inappropriate content, blacklist sites that waste customers’ time such as YouTube and Social Networks and keep your network from getting bogged down, which allows your users to be more efficient.

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