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Businesses and nonprofits (associations, clubs, museums, churches, schools & colleges, government agencies, etc.) have one important thing in common: their inescapable need for and dependence on computer software and hardware products and services.

In fact, it’s safe to say that no organization today can function without the latest versions of these technologies.

Another thing that they have in common is a “mission” or “purpose for existing.” Computers technologies can very effectively help organizations meet the goals and objectives which hopefully turn that “mission” or “purpose” into tangible action—i.e., programs, services, social problems addressed or solved, etc.

Fighting the “How Much Can You Afford?” War

It would be nice if organizations could just purchase the best software or hardware available but, alas, that’s often not possible. Fortunately, though, charitable license discounts are available– if you know where to look, how to apply, which discount plans are best, and what qualification criteria you have to meet–for organizations on limited budgets.

Your Toronto Computer Company can help you sort through the many opportunities out there. First of all, discounts and donations can come from manufacturers & vendors themselves or from discount resellers.

Here’s a short list of the many cost-saving programs for organizations that meet qualifications criteria:

  1. Microsoft’s “Volume Licensing” program.
  2. TechSoup’s donated/discounted products distribution program.
  3. Technology “Leadership Grants” (money and products provided to a few selected nonprofits).
  4. “Discount Resellers and Donations” programs.
  5. “CCB Nonprofits’ Discounted Software” program.
  6. “Good360 Discounted Software” program.
  7. “Google for Nonprofits” program (in addition to discounted software, it includes up to $10,000 in Google Ad Grants, the YouTube fundraising-help Nonprofit Program, etc.).

Can Software Help Determine an Organization’s Success?

Computer software is no longer just about “trying something new” or merely hoping to increase productivity, sales figures and employee performance but, rather, about setting the pace (rather than following others), raising the bar for the competition, and taking the organization to higher realms of achievement and excellence.

To do this, you need the best software available. Here’s how the following discounted software can help your organization reach new levels of performance and achievement:

  • Google’s G Suite of apps will help you collaborate & create ad infinitum;
  • Buffer will help you manage your social media activities;
  • Keep track & attract donors/supporters with MailChimp;
  • Improve marketing/sales strategies and staff with Salesforce;
  • Take fundraising to the next level with Eventbrite;
  • Help staff stay better connected with Evernote Business;

What Should You Know about Charitable License Discounts?

It’s not enough to know that software and hardware are available at a discount to qualified organizations. And the fact that you must meet qualification criteria goes without saying.

You should also take into account the following concepts, reminders, caveats, and guidelines:

  1. There are more discount/donation programs out there than you can possibly keep up with or properly evaluate, which is why you need your Toronto Computer Company to help you maneuver through these complicated “channels.”
  2. Some license discounts may be available to for-profit businesses—especially in regards to volume purchases or by virtue of partnering with a nonprofit.
  3. Don’t get thrown off by the word “charity.” Some discounts can apply to, for example, health, education, and government institutions—none of which is dubbed “charitable.”
  4. We can help you obtain information about discounts from special sources—like Microsoft’s NGO Portal and special websites set up by software manufacturers.
  5. Don’t assume that 501(c)3 active status is the only criteria you must meet to qualify for discounts/donations.
  6. Paddling your way into the charitable license discounts “sea” can be time-consuming, complicated and distracting (from your main focus: running your organization); why don’t you let your Toronto Computer Company assist you in this endeavor—after all, this is our “business!”
  7. There are usually limits imposed on how many license discounts you can get and for how long—make sure that you don’t violate or abuse the rules in place, lest you face penalties. We can help you find out what caveats and limitations you need to keep in mind.
  8. Some license discounts are moderate but others may be very generous; the problem is that some of these discounts may not be heavily advertised and you may have to do lots of digging to become aware of them. We, your Toronto Computer Company, make it our business to know what those discounts are, who offers them and how you can apply for them.
  9. Each software company has its own philosophy, rules, and guidelines that you need to know and abide by if you want to qualify (and continue to qualify) for their discounts.
  10. Beware that some software makers are becoming more demanding about what you may have to agree to in order to qualify for license discounts. For example, organizations like Google are requiring that organizations not discriminate against anyone on the basis of sexual orientation.

This may be a problem for some religious nonprofits. If this is an issue for your organization, you may not want to sign the required agreement but this is something which, at the very least, you need to think about if interested in continuing to get license discounts from vendors that impose special requirements.


There is no question that your organization will continue to need access to the best software and hardware out there. If you had an unlimited budget, you might not ever need license discounts but, since your funds most probably are limited, it’s in your best interest to take advantage of these charitable license discounts.

Your Toronto Computer Company can not only help you find out what discounts are out there but also help you apply for such, assuming you meet the qualification criteria.

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Date: June 16th, 2017, Author: Jorge Rojas