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6.4 Billion Devices to Be Connected to the Internet By Year’s End!

The Internet of Things is a trend that has been a long-time coming. Some of the devices it brings are great for productivity and efficiency, but others are still relatively useless. Regardless, it’s

How Unified Communications Can Unite Your Business Like Never Before

A modern business needs to keep up with the latest technology solutions, and communications are no different. Believe it or not, though, many organizations have yet to commit to a comprehensive unifie

Deep Learning Analytics Promises to Streamline Operations for SMBs

It has been said in many different ways, but for many businesses, inefficiency is stealing capital and keeping your organization from producing at the levels you’d almost certainly like to see. One

Game Changer: New Li-Fi Technology Transmits Data via Light!

WiFi and Wireless Internet connections are an integral part of any workplace infrastructure. They essentially allow workers to pick up their wireless technology, like smartphones, tablets, or laptops,

The Internet is Finally Making Its Way to Every Classroom

The Internet is etched into the very being of society, from the workplace to the home environment. It’s critical to ensure access to tools, resources, and contacts, among countless other functions.