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Windows 10 Free Offer Set to Expire on July 29th

It has been quite a year for Microsoft, at least as far as Windows 10 is concerned. Since the release of Windows 10, over 300 million devices worldwide utilize the operating system. If you have consid

Technology Lessons Taken From the World’s Most Ridiculous Barbecue Grill

Everyone knows that it’s beneficial to upgrade your company’s technology and use the latest and greatest solutions. As much we all enjoy using new technology and shiny gadgets, is there a point wh

Tip of the Week: 3 Pro Tips to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Having an Internet connection is an important part of your business’s operations. Why are we stating something so obvious? Sometimes you might be experiencing network issues that could be caused by

The World Has Warmed Up to Windows 10 but Microsoft Edge is Getting the Cold Shoulder

Is your business using Windows 10? If so, did you upgrade because you wanted to improve operations, or to stop Microsoft’s endless upgrade notifications? Regardless of why you upgraded, you’re now

Did You Know Nearly 50% of IT Projects Fail?

The last time you implemented a technology solution, how did it turn out? Was it a great initiative that continues to provide a return on investment, or was it a failure that hurt your company? As it