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The Problem with E-Waste is Worse Than We Thought

So you got yourself a shiny new laptop. That’s great, but what are you going to do with your old device? The right thing to do is to dispose of it with a company that handles e-waste properly. Other

Are Premium Cables Worth the Money?

Whether you’re purchasing electronics at the store and a salesperson is trying to upsell you on premium cables, or you’re shopping specifically for cables and you’re faced with having to choose

Meet Sway, Microsoft’s New Office App

Designed to meet the changing needs of computer users is Sway, a new addition to the family of Microsoft Office apps. Sway is a cross-platform content aggregation tool allowing users to easily develop

Even Prosecutors Take Advantage of PowerPoint to Make Their Cases

Are you a master of making brilliant Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows to augment your presentations? You’re not the only one; it’s widely known as one of the best mediums to create a compelling, pr

The New Face of Microsoft: What Was Revealed at the Windows 10 Live Event?

Windows 10, the next big name in Microsoft’s family of Windows operating systems, is expected to arrive sometime in 2015. On January 21st, 2015, we were shown a glimpse of what to expect from the ne