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6 Apps to Help You Know What Your Competition is Up To

Have you ever wondered how your competitors are doing but haven't gotten up the nerve to ask them yourself? With these six apps, you’ll be able to keep track of what other people are saying about y

Backing Up Your Data Keeps Your Technology In Tip-Top Shape

For eons, the human species has sought to improve efficiency through the integration of new innovative technologies. We always push toward the bright new future, a garden filled with shimmering hardwa

Connectify Turns Your PC Into a WiFi Hotspot [VIDEO]

Do you need a WiFi signal? If you’ve got a PC with a wireless card, then you’ve got what it takes to download Connectify and turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot. These days, with everyone being so de

Why Your Team Should Have A Basic Understanding of Technology

What separates the average PC user from the IT technician who routinely takes care of your technology issues? In essence, the only difference is the amount of technical training. Our years of technica

Has Performance for Consumer PCs Finally Peaked?

The world was vastly different in 1965. The smooth, compact smartphones and laptops of today were nonexistent, and civilization was on the verge of experiencing a revolution of technological growth an