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Beyond Jargon: What Does “Enterprise-Level” Mean?

When you’re shopping around for new technology for your business, you’ll encounter all kinds of solutions that are designed for different business models. As a business owner, you probably wonder

Microsoft Expands Hardware Offerings with Surface Book [Video]

Microsoft and Apple have been going at it for decades. Not only have these two tech monsters been at it in the lab, they’ve been each other’s prime competition throughout the advents of the person

Tip of the Week: 2 Tools that Let You Edit Like a Pro

Editing text can be a rather drawn out process. Thankfully, technology has made editing much easier than it was back in the day when papers were marked up with red ink and notes like “F- See me afte

5G Wireless Technology Will Be Really, Really Fast

It’s been a few years since the mobile industry embraced the fourth generation of wireless communication. Tabbed “4G”, it has been the accepted communications platform for devices since 2010. Wh

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blindly Upgrade to Windows 10

The newly-released Windows 10 operating system has been well received by the tech community. Yet, no OS is perfect and you shouldn’t blindly upgrade just because you’ve heard good things about it.