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Don’t Let Spam and a Messy Inbox Hinder Productivity

Email is a communication solution that clearly shows its age, but it’s still a vital component of the modern office. Despite your best efforts to find a better way to communicate, email is a staple

YouTube Now Offers a Premium Paid Service, Is It Worth the Money?

YouTube has been a monstrous hit for Internet video enthusiasts ever since its creation, but just recently, it was announced that YouTube now has a premium service called YouTube Red. Now you can watc

Is Windows 10 Living Up to the Expectations of Microsoft?

The hype train keeps chugging along for Windows 10, and it’s obvious why. It’s a great operating system that’s changing the way that businesses handle their daily tasks. But is Windows 10 doing

3 Favorite Technologies Politicians Use to Connect With Voters

Technology is everywhere. Coincidentally, that is exactly where every political candidate wants to be. With the 24/7 news cycle and social media leading the charge, technology has become one of the mo

Professional Athletes Now Connected to The Internet of Things

Professional sports have a unique relationship with technology. On one hand, the games are steeped in tradition and one doesn’t make a change to the rules without risking a fan uproar. However, the