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After a Hacker Stole 1.17 Billion Credentials, What He Did Next Will Leave You Dumbfounded

Unfortunately, stories of major data breaches are the norm in today’s news cycle. However, what often gets left out of the story is how the hacker profits from the stolen data. In the case of a rece

Why You Should Consider These Alternative Security Measures Over Passwords

As time goes on, the password has proven time and again that it’s not going to be enough to keep hackers out of online accounts and other sensitive parts of your IT infrastructure. One of the most v

Alert: Apple OS X Now at Risk of Ransomware

Ransomware is a major problem in both the personal and private sectors of computing, but up until very recently, Apple users had little to fear from potential ransomware hacks. Security researchers at

Tip of the Week: Here’s Our Checklist to Know if You’ve Been Hacked

Businesses that have online dealings should always be aware of how much danger their operations are in, especially with the omnipresent threat of hackers. Depending on the severity of the hacking atta

Nearly 50% of Data Stolen in 2015 Were Passwords and Email Addresses

In 2015, there was an incredible amount of information stolen from organizations all over the world. From healthcare companies to government institutions, nobody was safe from the endless onslaught of