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Pandemic: Hackers Have Stolen More Than 100 Million Healthcare Records

Healthcare organizations are a hot topic when it comes to cybersecurity, as even a small data breach could turn into a goldmine for hackers. Recently, IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index ha

A Classic Example of Why You Should Only Allow Trusted Apps to Access Your Data

If your employees are given an Android device to use for work, or if they bring in their own as a part of a Bring Your Own Device strategy, you may want to pay special attention to what follows. Goog

Those Cute Little Emojis May Be Putting Your Data at Risk

As the world of technology grows increasingly mobile, emojis are appearing in the most unlikely of places, like business communications. Even though emojis may seem rather cute and innocent, their us

Tip of the Week: 4 Security Best Practices You Need to Implement Right Away

Cybersecurity for business contains many complexities that are often difficult to keep track of. If your organization takes a proactive approach to understanding and implementing cybersecurity best pr

FBI Warns of Potential Cyber Attack on Electric Grid

While it’s not particularly common for hackers to attack physical infrastructure, the few that have occurred have been known to be quite catastrophic. For example, the Ukrainian power infrastructure