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The Internet Has a Field Day When AOL’s CEO Gets Hacked

If you’re the CEO of a mass media organization, you should know intimately well how brutal a hacking attack could be for your reputation. This happened to Tim Armstrong, the CEO of AOL. His Twitter

What Can We Learn From the Library of Congress’ Recent Hack Attack?

Believe it or not, there’s more news in Washington D.C. than matters concerning the upcoming election--namely the fact that the Library of Congress was struck by a DoS (Denial of Service) attack in

Google Rewards Hackers Handsomely for Exposing Flaws

Google has implemented a project to encourage assistance in collecting potential vulnerabilities for its Nexus line of mobile devices, with some considerable prizes associated with it. Called the Pro

Did You Know Early Ransomware Spread via Floppy Disk?

Ransomware might be a relatively new player in the battle for the Internet, but its short history shouldn’t belittle the damage that it can do to both businesses and users of personal computers. Per

New ATM Hack Can Steal $50,000 in 15 Minutes!

You might recall getting a notice from your bank that you’ve been issued a new debit and credit card, one with a chip built into it for enhanced security. There are ATMs out there created specifical