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Security Lessons Taken Right From the Hacker’s Playbook

As we hear news about large-scale hacks and data breaches, there’s a temptation to picture attacks like those in television shows and films like Mr. Robot, Live Free or Die Hard and other works of f

Voter Databases Do a Lousy Job at Securing Personal Data

Hackers are known to go after data of all kinds, but sometimes they have other goals in mind. With one of the biggest events in world politics fast approaching--the 2016 United States presidential ele

DDoS-for-Hire Botnets are Causing Major Headaches for Business Owners

Botnets are a growing concern for businesses all over the world. Between massive DDoS attacks that can knock out servers, and hordes of remote-controlled zombie computers that are subject to a control

Major Study Settles the Debate Between Apps vs. Websites

When it comes to your most-used solution, is the mobile application a more secure choice in terms of user privacy, or does the website offer superior protection against leaked information? Researchers

Was the NSA Hacked By Enemies Abroad, or Was It an Inside Job?

Not long ago, a group referring to itself as the Shadow Brokers distributed hacking tools utilized by the United States National Security Agency (NSA), on various publically-accessible websites. While