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Are Ghosts Haunting the Halls of Your Servers?

Though not everyone believes them, we all know about the horror stories of the spirits of the dead that linger in this world, haunting locations where no one dares to tread. Every culture, though thei

Hoteling Your Office to Get Maximum Collaboration Out of Your Team

As technology continues to improve, workers are able to be more efficient and do more with less. In the name of efficiency, new technology changes things, including the office layout. "Hoteling" is th

Tip of the Week: How to Protect Yourself from IT Equipment Theft

How often do you deal with your company-owned IT equipment? Some businesses keep detailed records of their equipment and use security measures and policies to prevent theft; but if your business doesn

The Threat Level for BadUSB Malware has Increased

This past August, we reported on a new vulnerability with USB firmware called BadUSB. This vulnerability was discovered by Karsten Nohl of SR Labs. The BadUSB vulnerability was presented at the Black

Caution: New Bash Bug Vulnerability Might Leave You with Shellshock

For users of Unix-based operating systems, there's a new threat on the loose. The vulnerability, promptly called the Bash bug, or "shellshock," is targeting systems equipped with Linux and Mac OS X. T