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3 Ways to Prioritize Fighting Botnets

The Internet is infested with threats of all kinds, some of the most annoying are bots. These consist of systems which potentially gather information from a variety of sources. While primarily used by

Alert: Critical Microsoft Office Flaw Patched

‘Tis the season for technology vulnerabilities and exploits. In addition to Sandworm and Cryptowall 2.0, another flaw has been found in Microsoft Office. This particular threat allows a hacker to ga

Tip of the Week: How to Protect Your Business from 3 Common Disasters

It doesn’t take much to disrupt your company’s network and cause downtime. Whether it’s from something major like a natural disaster, or something minor like forgetting your network login creden

What Flu Season Can Teach Us about Cyberdefense

It’s flu season, and just like office workers around the country are taking preventive health measures like stocking up on tissues and vitamin C, so too are IT technicians doing everything they

Microsoft Fixes Dangerous POODLE SSL Vulnerability

A while back we discussed the POODLE vulnerability found in SSL 3.0 SSL encryption technology. This vulnerability is found in all operating systems, as it is found within the web browser’s abilities