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Practical Biometric Passwords Infiltrate the US Military

Humans are always striving to create the next big security measure against the massive wave of online threats. One topic consistently in discussion is biometrics as a security measure, which take adva

Looking for Virtual Love in All the Wrong Places

Online dating has been around long enough that it no longer carries a negative social stigma. In fact, you may know of some success stories from online dating--or you may have even successfully used o

911: “What is Your Emergency?” You: “I’ve Been Hacked!”

Believe it or not, there are horror stories told of innocent people being abandoned by 911 dispatchers when they need help the most. This mainly isn’t due to incompetence on the dispatchers’ part,

3 Security Factors to Look for In Your Business’s Network

A business is always at risk of being destroyed, be it online or offline. According to a study by 1&1, 67 percent of people confirmed that someone they know has had information stolen from them wh

It Seems Sony Can’t Get a Break from IT Issues

It’s the holiday season… for everyone but Sony, at least. The tech/entertainment supergiant has been experiencing a ton of security issues lately. Last month, someone hacked into Sony’s database