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Even Homeland Security’s IT Is Preparing for a Security Storm

Just like any other high-profile entity, a government should place great emphasis on its IT infrastructure. The U.S. government is moving through 2015 with an increased awareness of the state of cyber

Operate Your Network on a “Need-to-Know Basis”

If a company neglects network security, they’ll quickly find their network inundated with threats. However, if you fail to protect your business from internal problems as well, you might have a whol

Dyre Wolf Malware Bleeds Businesses of $1.5 Million Per Hack

With spring arriving, “winter is coming” as the new season of the critically-acclaimed television series Game of Thrones returns to millions of viewers worldwide. Ironically, there’s also a type

Tip of the Week: How to Choose a Good PIN for Your Credit Card

Identity theft is commonplace on the Internet, and if you’re not careful with how you approach your browsing, you could potentially leak sensitive information to hackers. Unfortunately, some people

80 Million Medical Records Compromised: 4 Ways to Protect Yourself

This month saw one of the largest recorded data breaches ever, when healthcare-provider Anthem experienced a hack causing data belonging to more than 80 million of its patients to be exposed. This inc