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4 Holiday Gifts for the Business Professional in Your Life

It’s the holiday season, and everyone is scrambling to throw together the perfect gift for the technology lover. With so many spectacular consumer electronics available, it can be overwhelming just

Upon Further Review, the FCC Reverses its NFL Blackout Rule; Fans of Net Neutrality React

It's football season! Many NFL fans are spending their Sundays glued to their TV sets cheering on their favorite team. This season, those in the tech industry who are concerned about net neutrality ha

Don’t Let Your Tech Ruin Your Vacation

Ever since mobile devices gained the ability to connect to the Internet, the integration of smart technology has followed us out of the office and into our homes, and even on your family vacation. I

Crowdfunding Done Right: Make Money (and Potato Salad) with Crowdfunding

When trying to raise money for a big startup or product release, it can often be outside of your budget. One solution is crowdfunding, or taking your endeavors public in order to inspire others to don

Android Users Prefer Beer

For years now, the technology world has witnessed a battle rage between iOS and Android enthusiasts. Anybody familiar with this tech battle always suspected that generalities can be drawn between both