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Can a Robot Win the Pulitzer Prize?

To maximize your business' communicative abilities, you need to produce content. Content is found almost everywhere and it is an essential variable in every form of written communication. Innovators d

If You Love Facebook, then You’ll Dig “Facebook at Work”

Facebook has become the most popular social media outlet in the world, but in the eyes of corporate offices, it can be an immense time waster and productivity killer. However, it can be an incredibly

Arguably the Most Important Computer in Star Wars

Today is known the world over as Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). We want to take this opportunity to look at the technology of one of our favorite movie franchises. Given how much exciting te

Challenge: Can You Go a Single Day Without Your Phone?

You’re at an important lunch meeting when your phone goes off. Do you answer it? It might be a prospective client responding to an email, or it might be an employee needing help. Smartphones might h

5 of the Best Google Easter Eggs You Never Knew Were Real

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google has been known as an innovator for a long time. Google’s worldwide popularity has even turned its name into a verb: “to google,” or to search