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What Can Your Business Learn From Uber’s Successful Use of Technology?

At a tradeshow event last month Travis Kalanick, co-founder and CEO of Uber, was interviewed about the future of Uber and transportation. He replied with a bold vision that speaks to how much technolo

A Society That’s Fully Dependent Upon Technology is Set Up for an Epic Fall

Modern society has become fully reliant upon technology. While technology has certainly done much to improve just about every facet of our lives, it also leaves us quite vulnerable to a scenario where

How Website URLs Work

When it comes to your online presence, few tools are more valuable than your organization’s website. However, in order to have a website, you first need a domain name. There are countless domains av

These Stats Don’t Bode Well For Mobile Devices In the Workplace

Your mobile phone is meant to be an extension of productivity while you’re out of the office, but some people can’t resist the urge to mess around with the numerous entertainment applications righ

We Salute You, Mr. Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneur!

Tektonic presents to you, “Real Men of Brilliance.” Today, we salute you, Mr. Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneur. Growing up, everyone told you to get a job. For you, that well-meaning advice didn’t