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What Today’s Electronic Manual Trend Means for Business

Have you ever purchased a new appliance that you set aside for several months, only to take it out and find that you misplaced the manual for how to use it? Before the Internet became a major part of

This Computer Software Can Probably Write a Better Story Than You

Artificial intelligence is still a long way off, but this doesn’t stop people from trying to make major advancements in how AI thinks. Take, for example, a Japanese novella (a short novel) co-writte

Domino’s Ushers in New Robotic Age of Pizza Delivery

Robotics is a technology that’s influencing many different types of industries. Robots help surgeons with surgery, work in manufacturing environments, and so much more. Now, the application of robot

Mr. Wolfdog Teaches You to Dominate the Competition With a Giant, Honking Computer [VIDEO]

April 1st is a day for jokes and laughter. Therefore, we thought we’d lighten the mood and consult the funniest and the furriest CEO we know for computer advice; that’s right, Old Spice’s wolf-d

Apple Stands Up to the FBI: Legal Battle Ensues

There’s no questioning Apple’s dedication to the advancement of technology, especially over the past few decades. With the iPhone being the first of many commercially available smartphones, Apple