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What Comprises IT Support & Services

Whether small or big, every company requires IT support.  These days, we largely rely on the technology and any issues in the technical department affect the whole office. However, if you have an e

Mobile office access: The need of the hour

Running a business and succeeding in this highly competitive work requires your 24/7 attention. As a businessman, you do not have the liberty to work only for 8 hours a day and five days a week. If

“The Most Connected Human on Earth” – Chris Dancy on Technology and Life, Part 1

Chris Dancy is known far and wide for being "the most connected human on earth", but how exactly does he do it? It's much easier than some people think. He takes advantage of the numerous technologie

Alert: Siri’s Leaking Secrets – iPhone Lock Screen Vulnerability

Apple's iOS 7.1.1. operating system has been affected by a series of bugs throughout this month. The first bug was emails being sent unencrypted, but now a new threat lurks in the shadows - a lock s

Why Spam Protection is Necessary for Businesses

Spam mails have always been a matter of concern for many businesses. Initially, the spam mails used to be just advertisements, promotion of specific products, or requesting a recipient to buy some ir