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Select the Internet Connection that is right for your Company

If you consider your IT infrastructure as the backbone of your organization, then a strong internet connection will be its lifeblood. When you actually think about it, most of daily work will remai

How to choose a Managed IT Services provider

Good managed IT services providers are dime a dozen. There are not many professional companies which provide spectacular IT support. Worse are your local IT service agents. They are not very adept wi

Europe’s Great Debate: The Right to Be Forgotten

One of the hot topics in recent news is a concept in European courts about the "right to be forgotten." The ruling, passed in May 2014, suggests that search engines must consider requests for remov

Use Microsoft Office 365 and Work from Anywhere

An important part of any business is maintaining a good relationship with your clients. Being the business owner, you may need to use a personal approach, when it comes dealing with certain high pr

Get Data Backup, Or Pack up Your Business

The old method of storing documents, receipts and reports in their physical form in files and folders are not used any more for a reason. Papers can be easily damaged and destroyed. And in case of a