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Tip of the Week: 5 Shockingly-Easy Ways to Improve Your WiFi Signal

Wouldn’t it be nice to boost your WiFi signal and access it from anywhere in and around your office? Sometimes the solution is purchasing a new, more powerful router, but you might be able to get mo

Tip of the Week: 6 of the Most Useful Cortana Commands

Who is Cortana? Windows 10 users all over the world are finding this out as they turn to Microsoft’s newest personal assistant with their important questions. One thing we know for sure about Cortan

Tip of the Week: 2 Fast and Simple Ways to Search with Google Chrome

One of the greatest parts of the Internet is how easy it is to search for new information on a particular subject you’re unfamiliar with. Usually this is done by utilizing a search engine like Googl

Tip of the Week: Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 to Improve Security

With hackers having their way with seemingly-impregnable organizations (like the IRS and Sony Entertainment), companies are investing more into network security. Thankfully, a simple solution like mul

Tip of the Week: Protect Your Network By Blacklisting Malicious IP Addresses

Like your fingerprint, your computer’s IP address holds the key to your identity. Okay, it may not be as unique as your fingerprint, and you may actually use multiple IP addresses every day, but sti