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Tip of the Week: Prevent These 5 Popular Mobile Apps From Draining Your Data Plan

More often than not, when you’re using your smartphone for streaming media, you want to use your Wi-Fi rather than your mobile data connection. This helps to keep what are known as data hogs (applic

Tip of the Week: Use This Android App to Translate Any Text

Users of Android mobile devices have plenty of great assets at their disposal, and the new functionality of Google Translate offers yet another reason to use the versatile mobile OS. Thanks to the Tap

Tip of the Week: How to Prevent a Certain Facebook Friend From Seeing Your Post

What makes Facebook so valuable is that it connects you to a wide variety of people. However, for many users, having such a diverse audience means holding back on sharing their personal opinions, whic

Tip of the Week: Creating a New Google Account? Here’s How to Transfer Your Contacts

Does your organization use Google Apps for Business? It’s likely you use Google Contacts to store contacts. It’s an ideal tool for business professionals who are constantly on the move, but the re

Tip of the Week: Turn Your Favorite Email Client into Gmail on Your Android Device

Even though Google would prefer it if everyone switched over to Gmail as their primary email client, this simply isn’t going to happen. Many businesses are set in their ways, and would prefer to use